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As you know the winter comes and when the stove is started and the windows are closed, the air is becoming more dry. This hinders good sleep and the next day you feel tired. We found a solution!


This quartz stove is specially designed for its humidifying function. It evenly distributes the warm air and within minutes the room will be warm. There is a thermostat from where you regulate heat, and safety has never been more secure! If the stove overturns, it will turn off automatically. This way, you will not be careful to leave the stove unattended for a certain amount of time.


It is highly efficient and energy efficient. Let's summarise:


- Quartz heater with 2 power ranges: 800W / 1600W.

- Automatic turning off of the appliance.

- Fan and humidifier.

- Built-in handle for convenient transfer of the appliance.

- Highly efficient and energy-saving.

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